Cheek and Chin Filler


Did you lose volume in your cheeks? Would you like to lift and contour your cheeks?

We can rejuvenate your face and cheek area with injectable cheek fillers, this will help correct your deflated cheeks, accentuate and add contour to them as well as lift and improve other areas of your face.

Why Use Fillers to Correct Sunken Cheeks?

Some patients lose volume in the cheek area and this causes a chain reaction around the eyes and midface. Carefully placed filler volumises the cheeks and adds shape so a more youthful and attractive facial contour can be achieved.

Cheek Fillers Benefits:

  • Restores Volume

  • Lifts Sagging Cheeks

  • Corrects Hollowness & Sunken Cheeks

  • Contours the Cheek Area

  • Enhances the Cheekbones

  • Helps Lift the Jawline

  • Softens Nasolabial Folds.

Chin Fillers

Some people feel they have a disproportionately small chin in relation to the rest of the features of their face. Dermal fillers can be injected into the chin to lengthen it to achieve the perfect proportion. It can also move the chin forwards or downwards to create the perfect ratio between the nose, lips and chin. Dermal fillers on the chin can also be used to fill wrinkles and folds making the appearance of the chin more aesthetically pleasing.