How to be more Productive

Its not my usual kind of post, but I keep hearing how people don’t have time, or we need to find more hours in the day. I I totally get this! Time management is key for all of us, especially those running a business. As a business woman and mother I love anything that can help me utilise my precious time and work smarter not harder. 

Overwhelm is one of the key factors people do not succeed in starting/building their business and I am often asked how I manage to juggle it all. It hasn’t always been easy but I have some great apps that I wanted to share with you that help me stay on top of things, and I swear by.

I hope you love them as much as I do and they help you save a little time.

I love Evernote.  It is a sophisticated organisation system in app form for your smartphone, tablet, and computer, It's just what the name implies: an application that serves as your notetaker, pocket notebook, to do list, etc.  The beauty of Evernote is that it syncs automatically across all your devices, and across all your operating systems and acts as an all round to do list. You can paste pictures, record voice notes, filter, store business cards. Possibilities are endless!

Block & Flow

Time blocking is incredibly important.How many times have you sat down to get started on something and then noticed you drift away, only to realise that 30 minutes later the task hasn't been done?That is ultimate time wasting and it's holding you back.This app will help you time block your day and colour code activities. It'll also remind you to take breaks which is seriously important for productivity.Being productive doesn't mean working 8 hours per day solidly, it means working smarter.


I still swear by dropbox as my cloud storage option.  I can access my data from anywhere in the world, and it frees up so much disk space.  In addition to storing the files, one can also share them with colleagues and friends, all using Dropbox. You can store documents, pictures, videos and presentations in Dropbox.  It’s like having a flash drive in your iphone. A must have.


A beautiful looking organisation app that is both easy on the eyes and your wallet. is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s always ready to take your notes or remind you what you need to be doing.


I use this app for location based reminders such as shopping I need to get or single items I need to pick up from various locations. Checkmark is simple to use and a valuable addition to my productivity arsenal.  Who doesn't love on location reminders not letting forget those important tasks.


Stop wasting all day on your phone and start getting things done.  Moments will track how much time you spend each day on your phone. You can even set daily limits and you'll be notified if you go over. Content is addictive and it can consume you for hours without you even noticing the time. I for one am guilty here to this helps reign me in. Be sure screen time doesn't stand in the way of getting your goals done this month.


Book all your train tickets quickly and easily, perfect for when I am teaching, shopping or out in London.

Now go get productive and conquer the world!!

Alannah x