August Round Up



This summer my go to has been jumpsuits from warehouse.  So versatile and practical for work yet still keeping a feminine look.  Buy HERE




September 16. National Working Parents Day is observed annually on September 16th. This is a day to pay tribute to those parents who work to provide for their family.  As a working parent it’s really important to see this recognised.  We want to work hard to provide, at the same time teaching work ethic but it does not come without sacrifice and the dreaded #mumguilt.

I loved this article on 10 ways working parents reveal how they juggle it all.




Are you still grinning and bearing your migraines?? Stop.

Migraines are much more intense then headaches and often come with nausea, seeing spots, vomiting, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound.

Botox can decrease the frequency of migraine days by an average of 50 percent for those who suffer chronically (people who experience 15 or more headache days per month).

What [Botox] does is paralyse nerve terminals. Nerve terminals transmit pain, but they also produce pain substances while they’re doing that, and it completely paralyses that process.  It also stops the process of pain patterning and it also relaxes the muscles. Book your free consultation HERE to see how I can help.




I wanted to start focusing on a fave product each month from Obagi.  I swear by, prescribe and use the whole obagi range.  This month I wanted to shout about Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte #4. My skin saver and go to.  It is a powerful exfoliating lotion that helps create a smooth, radiant complexion. This facial treatment is formulated with 6% glycolic acid and 4% lactic acid, two alpha hydroxy acids that help remove dead skin cells and other dulling debris. 

Best suited for normal to oily skin types, Improves the look of a shiny complexion, Diminishes signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. ,Reveal bright, radiant, flawless skin, and fresh glow. 

This is a prescriptive product so a consultation would need to be booked prior to purchase.


coming doon.jpg


I get so many questions and messages on skincare.  Aesthetic treatments make a huge impact to ones appearance but to not take care of the skin that our whole face is not good.  Our skin represents so much.  Our health, lifestyle, age and also effort so we need to look after it the best we can.  So, in order to educate the masses on the ways you can drastically improve your skin to create the end look you are working towards I will be holding a skincare event.  Products, samples, consultations, skin advice and of course a chance to network and a glass of bubbles.  More details to follow,



I adore a fun lip.  These kits are not only cult but look and wear really well.  They come with a pencil and a liquid lipstick so it takes the hassle out of matching up.  There are so many shades and right now it’s buy one get one free BUY HERE